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I'm Will and I've been making the highest quality fresh  tempeh since 2013 - which we now supply  across the country to  some of the UK's finest restaurants. And I can still be found on our popular food stall in London’s Leather Lane Market serving our famous tempeh lunches - the place where I earned the moniker The Tempeh Man!

Back in 1995, I’d just arrived in Indonesia to teach English when I first tried tempeh - in a small warung in East Jakarta – and fell in love immediately! Over the following years I was able to eat the world’s best tempeh every day, as I explored this beautiful country from Aceh to Maluku, North Sulawesi to West Kalimantan

At that time, the plant-based movement was still in its infancy and very few people had heard of tempeh. Enter my super-charged, tempeh-warrior street food stall AKA Warung Tempeh - it was April 2014 on East London’s Leather Lane Market and the UK tempeh revolution had officially begun!

We soon became a popular lunchtime destination and I became known as ‘The Tempeh Man’. We’re still on lively Leather Lane Market to this day - serving our authentic home-made tempeh in two freshly cooked dishes.

From these humble beginnings, we expanded production to make the country's best tempeh in larger quantities, whilst still using the same time-honoured teqniques and processes. We now supply high-quality fresh tempeh to some of the country's finest restaurants and eateries, as well as  shops throughtout London and beyond.

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It was in 2013, while on an extended trip around Indonesia’s vast archipelago, that I had a eureka moment: to introduce authentic Indonesian tempeh to the UK! Full of revolutionary zeal, I changed my plans and spent the next few months travelling across Java learning how to make authentic tempeh from some incredibly kind (and very patient) tempeh gurus.

Our love of tempeh has taken us viral over the years, particualrly in Indonesia, below are some some videos & interviews but these are mostly in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language).

London's original tempeh maker