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Tempeh is 100% plant-based (traditionally made with soya beans) and fermented, which makes it especially good for you. This deceptively simple product requires no industrialised processing and uses just a handful of natural ingredients: soya beans, water and starter culture (nature's magical Rhizopus Oligosporus traditionally formed on hibiscus leaves).

Under the right conditions, these simple ingredients come together to form a firm ‘patty’ which is so much more than the sum of its parts. Its texture is firm when fried and softer when cooked slowly, and has a subtle nutty taste.

Tempeh is exceptionally versatile  - it can be sliced, diced, chopped and even grated. It doesn’t fall apart even when cooked vigorously, so it’s a great food to experiment with in the kitchen. Tempeh also absorbs flavours wonderfully, either in marinades or during the cooking process, so adapts well to most world cuisines and cooking techniques.


what is tempeh?

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We think it’s high time that the rest of the world started enjoying this incredible traditional superfood, which is low-processed, sustainable and packed with natural goodness. Our goal is to raise the awareness of the benefits of tempeh and move a little further towards a worldwide tempeh revolution!

Tempeh (pronounced tem-pay) originates from Indonesia where it’s been appreciated for centuries, both for its great taste and texture and for its health-promoting qualities. It is also a great source of protein (containing every essential amino acid).

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