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This doesn’t make for easy compatibility with carbon-hungry supply chains and supermarket shelves, so we have some innovative solutions to make sure you’re able to get the best fresh tempeh as quickly and conveniently as possible.

We supply some of the UK's best restaurants and eateries with our authentic Indonesian tempeh, enabling hungry tempeh lovers up and down the country to enjoy our tempeh cooked in delightful ways by some of the country's most talented and creative chefs.

If you're business interested in having our fresh tempeh on your shelves or on your menu, we’d love to hear from you. Our tempeh is made in an IFS certified state-of-the-art production environment to the highest possible food hygiene standards.


And having cooked commercially with tempeh since 2014 - and experimented widely during this time - I'm well placed in knowing how to bring the best out of tempeh to suit a range of cuisines and cooking styles.. I'm always happy to talk tempeh and work with development chefs in tailoring tempeh dishes to their particular menus..


We'd love to hear from you - whether you're thinking of using tempeh in your kitchen, would like to stock it on your shelves, or just want to know more and talk about tempeh.

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Please email us at:

Check out our social media platforms to see where our tempeh is currently available.

thetempehman email ID

Our high-quality tempeh is always raw, fresh and unadulterated. It is made with the same processes and techniques I learned in Java - methods which took months to learn and years to hone.

As a tempeh purist, I believe that tempeh is only at its best when fresh and raw - which is why we only ever supply fresh tempeh. Simple. Natural. We never compromise on quality meaning that our tempeh is never pasteurised or pre-fried to extend shelf life.

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