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While we've been away from Leather Lane (due to the impact of Covid) we've been inundated with requests for our tempeh. Fresh tempeh is difficult to deliver economically while maintaining it's quality so we're encouraging people to make their own great tempeh at home.


We already have everything you'll need so along with detailed instructions, a step-by-step accompanying video and a few insider tips, there's nothing stopping the country from becoming a nation of craft tempeh makers.


Nothing can beat the taste of fresh organic tempeh still warm from incubation but, be warned, you might not see shop bought pasteurised tempeh in quite the same way again.


The full tempeh making kits consist of the exact materials and ingredients we use ourselves so you should be able to make the same great tempeh that we've been making for years. Our organic soya beans have been hulled for you (split and the skins removed) which removes a tricky and laborious step. Ordinarily, these are difficult to acquire in the UK but because we've been buying in bulk for the best part of a decade, we're able to pass them on to you.


We have everything you need to make tempeh, from individual items to full tempeh making kits:

Our soya beans are all organic and non-GMO. We use recyclable and fully compostible items where we can, including the mail bags which are made from paper.

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