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15 x (400g) Blocks of The Finest Fresh Tempeh (6kg)

15 x (400g) Blocks of The Finest Fresh Tempeh (6kg)


The highest-quality tempeh available in the UK - in larger quantities, possibly for your restaurant, cafe or shop.


Price is inclusive of nationwide delivery, using a next-day courier service with chilled insulated packaging - ensuring the quality and freshness of our tempeh is not compromised.


Please contact me for more details so we can set you up either as a regular customer or for a one-off purchase.


  • We've been making the finest fresh tempeh since 2013 using traditional Indonesian techniques and processes (where we lived for nearly a decade). Our tempeh is the go-to tempeh of the Indonesian community in the UK (where tempeh originated - spelt tempe in Bahasa).

    It's very different and far superior in both taste and texture to the many pasteurised versions more commonly found in the UK.

    This is 'real' tempeh of the kind you'd find in Indonesia - though with higher food safety practices (our production is IFS-certified!).


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